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“For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope.” 
― Albert Einstein


I spent a number of years working as an aerospace engineer developing high performance composite structures for various branches of the military and civilian use.



Analysis nei nastran

Project Management

Manufacturing Process Design

NCAPM Qualification

Inspection and Quality Control

AS9100 Certified

Structural Testing


In college I was part of a team that designed an automated tomato planting machine. That is when I learned the importance of robotics in the future of agriculture. I always enjoy agricultural product design because of the challenging nature of the environment and the real world applications.

This gallery is of a few images of more recent agricultural projects.




Patent Readiness

Insight into start-up challenges



Early in my  career I got involved in robotics.  This allowed me to land a job at the California Mechatronics Center which specialized in building low cost but high functionality robots for various organizations and companies.


Mechatronic Integration

Robotic System Design

Component fabrication

Team work


I am proud to be a 5th generation carpenter.  I have been building since I was young. Recently I have been helping develop homes and facilities, but the most enjoyment comes the few times a year when I get to pound nails with my family.


Facility Design & Construction

Hard work



To be clear, I am not an architect. A large portion of my business involves assisting architects and engineers with plot plans and other technical documents for 

farms, homeowners and industry partners. 

I have designed a number of factories, from medical device foundries in shipping containers, to large scale extraction facilities. 




This machine never seems to stop running.


12" x 16" x 10" build platform




Specialty filaments with extra charge.


I can create the CAD models for you, or you can email the .stl file directly to for quote.


I have collaborated with a number of startups and established businesses to develop products from the ground up. 

Simone Giertz:

as well as many others...





Many of my clients have not released their products for purchase so I am unable disclose their identities yet.  This is part of the fun of being in product development!


I have a Non-Disclosure Statement that we can sign prior to discussing your ideas.



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